17th ICCCR 2024 registration office at Motoarena Torun

Address: 7 Per Jonsson Street, 87-100 Torun, Poland
GPS: 53°1'7"N 18°32'57"E

Health insurance

If you are from Europe, make sure you have the European Health Insurance Card with you during your stay in Poland. We suggest for all of you to buy travel health insurance for the whole jurney anyway.

Important phone numbers

Emergency for all services: 112
Medical emergency: 999
Fire emergency: 998
Police: 997

Ticket prices

Ticket prices for participants & commerce companies have not been changed due to pandemic time and inflation, so they are the same as for 2020 until 31.01.2024. If you want to register onsite & pay by cash, the administration fee of €40 (accountancy & handling petty cash costs) will be added. Registration online will be possible until 31.07.2024.

What if you already registered & paid?

Your private or commerce registration made before 2020 or 2022 is obviously valid for 2024.

How can I find out what my registration number is?

Firstly, please go to REGISTRATION NO. SEARCH and input your surname and email or postcode. If you cannot find the reg. number, just drop us an email on: at@automobilklubtorunski.pl

How will I get tickets for dinner, Baltic See Rally & Concours D'Élégance ?

Once you have paid you are in our data base, so the tickets will be waiting for you in registration office.

Can I come over later then on monday?

Once you have paid you are in our data base, so the tickets will be waiting for you in registration office.

What payment systems will be available on site?

There will be no cashless payment (by card or mobile) available for registration on site, we do not know whether commerce participants will bring card terminals, so we suggest to take some cash on the meeting. The list of cash mashines nearby meeting area is in the main menu. On the Old Town you have pleanty of them.

Will be free WiFi on the site?

Yes we have planned area with free internet access. If you have a roaming covering whole EU, do not worry about the additional costs, on your mobile you will pay for the transfer like in your country.

Headlights on.

The dipped headlights (daytime running lights) must be switched on during the day and at night.

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